Thriller Insider - S3EP15: The 57.13% Bitcoin Theory

The infamous 57.13% Bitcoin Theory in all its glory.


An Analysis on Bitcoin

Above is Bitcoin's current 2018-2020 and former 2014-2016 bull run cycle before the two Halving events (2nd and 3rd). The main goal is to now determine Pre-Pump Halving price and what levels we will be at around at the Halving and after.

Listen to the previous Thriller Insider for some more clarity on the Current Bull Cycle

Lets look at the numbers and 57.13% Bitcoin Theory…

  1. Bitcoin always peaks at 57.13% higher than its last high in the same bull run give or take (+/- 5%).

  2. Looking just at the current first half of this bull run, the first peak was $5,642; increase that by 57.13% and you get $8,865 (actual was $9,008), increase that by 57.13% and you get $13,930 (actual was $13,796), increase that by 57.13% and you get $21,888.

  3. You can also confirm this theory from the last bull run. The first peak was at $314. If you apply 57.13% increase progressively, you get:

    • Projected Price using 57.13% Theory: $495 - $778 - $1,223 - $1,922 - $3,020 - $4,746 - $7,458 - $11,719 - $18,414.

    • Actual Price: $495 - $778 - $1,191 - $1,873 - $3,000 - $4,974 - $7,776 - $11,517 - $18,353.

The last bull run one was an anomaly at $20,089. Thinking this was just a pop off the top because of rush of the retail market buying in after $18,353.

Applying the 57.13% Bitcoin Theory to the rest of this run are as follows give or take (+/- 5%):

Projected: $21,888 - $34,393 - $54,042 - $84,916 - $133,429 $209,657 - $329,434.

But of course we may not make it through all those stages because buying will exhaust at some point (important to keep that in mind.)

Using the 57.13% Bitcoin Theory my safest guess would be the following give or take (+/- 5%):

$21,888 by December 2020

$34,393 by February 2021

$54,042 by May 2021

$84,916 by August 2021

$133,429 by October - December 2021.

This will go right inline with our previous research that Bitcoin will be jumping & dropping 10K levels after the halving.

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