Thriller Insider - S3EP 2: Face/Off


Car breakdowns the Libra discussions from the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday (July 16.) Overall, Tuesday’s hearing was heavy on Facebook-related questions and light on crypto issues, indicating that the lawmakers were more worried about the company than the technology.

Recap: Facebook first announced Libra last month, when it introduced Libra Association, a Geneva-based consortium of big-name “founding members” including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Stripe, Uber and Lyft etc...

Looking Forward: Facebook’s David Marcus is set to appear before the House Financial Services Committee Wednesday afternoon July 17th 2019 for Round 2.

Good Background To Know: The Libra blockchain will go live in 2020, with the Libra Association – a Switzerland-based non-profit – tasked with leading the cryptocurrency’s ongoing development. The Libra blockchain will be Byzantine fault-tolerant, Car deep dives into it. Thriller Insider - S2EP 1: Deep Dive Into Libra White Paper Car discusses the latest up to date news on Project Libra: Thriller Rundown - S2EP5: Once Upon a Time in Menlo Park