Thriller Coin Talk - S3EP5: Bitcoins Altered Reality


Bitcoin, which has rocketed about 200% higher in 2019, soared as much as 9% on Monday to over $11,000 as weekend uncertainty between China and the United States rattled global stock markets.

Hyperbitcoinization is a state where Bitcoin becomes the world’s dominant form of money. Bitcoin is socially wired and can be adopted exponentially. As it gains traction it will seem to be an organic, self-organizing process. Bitcoin is in the infrastructure build-out phase and an early form of money. However, when it passes a critical “tipping point” Bitcoin adoption, use and price will skyrocket. With rapid global acceptance, the cost of rejecting Bitcoin will exceed the cost of adopting it. Bitcoin will begin to assume money’s traditional roles and gain institutional and government support. It will become all money and form the backbone of a new global economy. At hyperbitcoinization Daniel Krawisz estimates Bitcoin will reach up to $100M per coin within 20 years and as early 2030. Bitcoin is currently experiencing “microbubbles” and future appreciation will continue nearly unabated until it plateaus at a stable price.

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