Thriller Coin Talk - S3EP15: BitMEX Gets Breached


With a leak of at least 23,000 emails, the recent BitMEX email leak was much heavier than expected. An inadvertent message that included lists of emails made the rounds last week, creating a security break for the largest crypto derivatives exchange.

23,000+ Emails Leaked by BitMEX

Details of the BitMEX email leak were shared a few hours ago by well-known industry researcher Larry Cermak in one of his tweets. Using BitMEX is not entirely illegal, though it has been banned for US citizens.

BitMEX’s, perpetual BTC/USDT swap, is the most active contract linked to Bitcoin (BTC) trades. The exchange, however, operates in a legal gray area, and the leaked emails may point to breaks in excluding some regions. Trading on BitMex has also been seen as highly risky, akin to gambling.

Key Take Aways:

  • Make sure you are listening to the right people in this space.

  • Keep Separate email addresses for exchanges.

Bitcoin in Coin Talk:

Key Take Aways:

  • No Bullish events left in the year for Bitcoin

  • We could see a pre-pump to the Halvening that inadvertently causes the price to rise far in advanced of the Halvening. Very similar to what happened to Litecoin earlier this year.

  • Next 5 days watch Bitcoin 8100-9300 range.

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