Friday Open Thread: What do you want to see more on Thriller Premium in 2021?

😬 Current Thriller Premium Shows right now up for Renewal:

Thriller Coin Talk, Thriller Insights, Thriller Rundown, Thriller Insider, Thriller Late Night, Thriller at Conference Name all are up for Renewal. Let me know what you think?

🥳 What things are you looking forward to us covering in 2021? Me personally I am really hoping New York is open for travel by May 2021. Want to be there when Bitcoin runs to new highs during the May Rally!

😎 Any cool episodes or show topics you have thought of, that you think would be great to hear or mentioned?

Any segments or posts really annoy you besides my bad spelling or Javier’s repeated use of Daft Punk 🤣 during Coin Talk lol.

🤔 Should we bring back Thriller News on Sundays and make it free for everyone? Instead of 1 free Thriller Coin Talk a month.

🤓 Do you want to do a weekly Open Thread like this every month, week, year, never again…or is this too much.

Lets Discuss in the comments and enjoy the weekend!!!🥂