🎧 Thriller Insider - S4EP17: Ethereal Summit 2021 Day 2 Recap

We discuss all the news that came from Day 2 at the 2021 Ethereal Summit


Thriller Premium is covering Ethereal Summit for the third year, because Ethereal is a collaboration of technologists, artists, startups, entrepreneurs, and investors engaging directly with the latest developments in Ethereum, blockchain, and decentralization. The conference speaks to a broad community of people who believe that the world can be organized differently.

Organized in a decentralized, more efficient, and democratizing way. Belief this world can be built on a fundamentally new technology - blockchain - which by its nature is a fluid, open, networked innovation. Featuring speakers from the Ethereum Industry, the conference will engage audiences at all levels – from blockchain technologists, startups, entrepreneurs, and investors working towards the decentralization and democratization of data.

Discussions will organize into areas including:

  • NFTs, ETH 2.0, DAOs

  • Decentralization

  • Business, Investments, DeFi and Finance

  • Gitcoin, Chainlink, Miami: Crypto City and more.

Presented by ConsenSys, a venture production studio and custom software development consultancy building decentralized applications, enterprise solutions and developer tools for blockchain ecosystems, focused primarily on Ethereum.

We are excited as hell to cover this conference this year and bring you all the latest highlights.


Entering ETH 2.0: Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Foundation; Aya Miyaguchi, Ethereum Foundation

Binance in America: Brian Brooks, CEO, Binance.us

Hollywood Eyes NFTs: Adam Friedman, Global Client Strategy at CAA; Max Moore, Contemporary Art, Sotheby’s; Kayvon Tehranian, Founder and CEO, Foundation

Mr. Novo’s Neighborhood: Michael Novogratz, CEO, Galaxy Digital

Miami: Crypto City?: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez; Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO, FTX

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