šŸŽ§ Thriller Bitcoin - S5EP01: Bitcoin Brought Humanity Back to ElĀ Salvador

Today on the first episode of a brand new season of Thriller Premium. We discuss how Bitcoin brought humanity back to El Salvador.

Ā Ā 

Bitcoin Frontline

Bitcoin Hot Topics

  • George Sorosā€™ Investment Fund Has Reportedly Started Trading Bitcoin

  • 650 U.S. Banks Will Soon Be Able To Offer Bitcoin Purchases to 24 Million Customers

  • Mexicoā€™s third wealthiest man, Salinas PlĆ­ego revealed plans for Banco Azteca to accept Bitcoin

  • US Bitcoin Miner Blockware Raises $25M

  • Bitcoin ETFs Begin Trading in Brazil, Dubai Stock Exchanges

  • Cathie Wood's ARK Invest Joins the Bitcoin ETF Race / The B Word Conference https://www.thebword.org/c/the-b-word

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