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Thriller Podcast has been home to Car Gonzalez passionate independent media-project on bitcoin, crypto for over 4 years. With over 450 episodes Car Gonzalez has been releasing bitcoin & crypto podcasts to his subscribers by delivering an ad-free experience, with total and complete transparency, up-front honesty and expert opinions on the entire industry. Thriller Podcast has also released its first audiobook in 2020, One Satoshi at a Time: How Bitcoin Will Change The World. “The hope is this bitcoin audiobook finds people who are ready to learn about sound money and see the potential bitcoin can bring to the world.” He gives careful insights and analysis on all the latest developments in the bitcoin & crypto industry. He provides around the clock coverage of all the major bitcoin & crypto conferences around the globe. He interviews some of the biggest names in the industry and offers level headed thinking on all the latest news. He gathers all the information you would need to stay ahead of the curve on your investments. There is no better newsletter to provide all the analysis and information you would need to better understand the industry than— Thriller Premium by Car Gonzalez.

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Premium subscribers get exclusive access to Thriller Insider, Thriller Coin Talk, Thriller Insights, Thriller Rundown. Four very unique bitcoin & crypto podcasts that no one else in the industry is creating or offering anything close to this. As a premium member, you gain access to all of it. That’s right all 250 episodes of our back catalog with in-depth recommendations backed by historical real context and real market experience. See for yourselves how ridiculously right we our in seeing the trends play out. We keep you ahead on all the latest news that we have obtained from the most trusted news sources in the space. We do all the curating and investigating so you don’t have to. Paid subscribers will always have an investment edge because this remains vital and important in order to stay in the green when it comes to bitcoin and crypto.

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