What is Thriller Premium?

Thriller Premium is home to Car González independent media-project on bitcoin for over 4 years. With over 450 episodes Car González has been releasing bitcoin podcasts to his subscribers by delivering an ad-free experience, with total and complete transparency, up-front honesty and well researched opinions on the entire industry. In 2020 Car González released the first community sourced audiobook, One Satoshi at a Time: How Bitcoin Will Change The World. “The hope is this bitcoin audiobook finds people who are ready to learn about sound money and see the potential bitcoin can bring to the world.” In 2021 he joined fellow Bitcoin independent journalist, Vlad Costea and other Bitcoin podcasters and signed up to be apart of a 24 Hour Bitcoin Radio Station, Bitcoin Takeover Radio. “Bitcoin is such a broad topic and it can be presented from so many points of view, that we often discover unique perspectives. So it’s always a good idea to step away from the comfort zone or information bubble and expose ourselves to something new. You think you know it all, until a new voice takes you down a whole new rabbit hole.”

Car González is one of the hardest working independent analyst, researcher, opinionated journalist in the space. He does his best to give careful insights and analysis on all the latest developments in the bitcoin industry. He provides around the clock coverage of all the major bitcoin & industry conferences that are a must to stay on track in this fast moving industry and offers level headed thinking on all the latest news. There is no better publication to provide all the unique analysis and curated information you would need on a weekly basis. Learn more on what Car González is building at Thriller X Recordings in Austin, Texas.

So why start an Independent Bitcoin Publication?

So let me start with where we are, everyone now realizes in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic the importance of making sure you have the correct news delivered. Most important trusted sources I read and listen to these days are from independent journalists, analysts and researchers like myself. It is incredibly important that they stay alive and have the opportunity to flourish during these hard times. It is far too easy as an independent platform to fall victim to chasing; pages views, page rank, subscribers, unique visitors, listener’s and comscores. All in an effort to achieve revenue dollars by any means necessary. Whether that include intrusive ad companies looking for those high numbers or media companies succumbing to fake those numbers. I didn’t create Thriller Premium to do that. I want no part of that and for the record I passionately hate ads. In order to maintain my journalistic integrity and give you an alternative view on the Bitcoin industry and the inner-workings, we need to remain independent and unencumbered from the industry this gives us clearance to ask questions others in the industry would be afraid to ask. Simply because of the increasingly cancel culture climate that is engulfing small publications and people alike.

The move to a donation model.

Starting in July 2021, Thriller Premium will make the move from a Premium Model to a Donation Model going forward. We feel now more than ever Bitcoin focused investigative content, reporting and news is necessary. It is clear to me now that there is an attack on Bitcoin from the mainstream media companies in and outside of our industry, we are 100% certain this is coming from WEF, central banks and other high profile fiat maximalists. We want to make sure we are not beholden to anyone when we investigate and report in defense of Bitcoin. We want to keep our Independence in tact (which is one of the many reasons why we started Thriller X Recordings LLC this year.) We will rely on donations from our readers and listeners as a key funding source for our journalism. As a donator, you help us hold the line and defend Bitcoin at all cost, your entire contribution to Thriller Premium goes to the support we need to pay for overhead costs running a publication, and investigate stories that the mainstream media inside our industry will not cover (look at this and this) and of course we cannot even begin to rely on the mainstream media outside of our industry.

Learn more about this move here.

What we deliver on a weekly basis.

Everyone gets exclusive access to Thriller Bitcoin, Thriller Insights, Thriller Rundown, Thriller Insider. Four very unique bitcoin focused podcasts that no one else in the industry is creating or offering anything close to. On a weekly basis, Thriller Premium investigative journalism questions, explains and documents changes in the Bitcoin world. We do all the curating, fact checking and investigating so you don’t have to. 

Listen and read at your convenience on whatever device you are on, always.

You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of Thriller Premium goes directly to your inbox. Including all podcasts episodes. You are even able to add the private RSS feed to any podcast player with one button. Thriller Premium works around your schedule. Have a question reach out to Car, always.

One question most Bitcoiner’s will ask is why do you use centralized services like TwitterSubstack and Medium. Right now these three platforms allows us to get the most reach and to spread word about the stark differences in central banking, scam coins and Bitcoin (we get to orange pill no coiners.) I encourage you to instead of arguing with me on this decision to instead please Share, Like, RT and Follow. If we are doing our job correctly we will be banned from these platforms in time so don’t worry (we have already been banned on Patreon hence Substack👌) So please subscribe via email so we can let you know where we move to in the event this happens because it will. Also if any Bitcoin Devs would love to help us move our data to a decentralized twitter, substack, medium like platform please contact us we could use the assistance, as right now we are only myself Car González and an intern named Javier.

How to Start Donating to Thriller Premium?

There are a few ways you can support Thriller Premium directly:

To make a donation using your credit card, you can continue doing this every month via Substack.

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If you would like to mail a check or money order send to:

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